Studded Leather Clutch Bags S/S

Studded clutches for spring summer. In the 09 fall i used pyramid studs and chains for the tote / shoulder bags. since then I have found these new smaller studs in brass and high polished steel that are small round and have flat tops which give the bags an amazing medieval / mad max feel which I love about them, each one inspires the next. Thick RIRI zips are seen on the front of the last few sewn which adds another pocket! I love the way the zip functions on the front of the clutches as the detachable wrist strap can attach to the zip pull and add an extra look for the bag as well as both the zip and strap having a function. These have seemed popular so far so i will be creating more in leather and canvas compliment the tote’s i am also creating in the summer range. the clutches can be viewed at my online shop


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