Bespoke Silver jewellery

over the last year or so i have found these jewelry designers, if you click on the photos it will take you to their web  shops. unfortunately the pieces would love to own are slightly out of my price range.

Beast Master Brass Knuckles by Rabidfox

 amazing bear knuckle duster ring available in solid sterling silver or gold plated silver, by Linda Smyth who has been creating jewelry for 10 years and has a shop called Fleathers on this piece is taken from the Rabidfox line which began 3 years ago and is co-created with Rebecca Pulver. and is 

Fox Claw Necklace Gold Vermeil

Hummingbird Skull Charm Life sized in Solid Sterling Silver cast here in NYC and hand polished

Zodiac Kids SCORPIO (Lobster Baby, silver)

 scorpio baby needs a mention, designed and handmade by Anomaly Jewelry  which was launched in 2000 by Karen Yost, a New York City artist she creates “zodiac kids” from sterling silver in every star sign, and a whole load of amazing bespoke rockabilly silver and gold pieces. 

The Victory skull ring

 swing necklace which is real wood and silver is by Calourette boutique who are based in paris they have some sweet stuff on their website it pretty different to anything i have seen before.

emma franklin created this shotgun necklace and she does some awesome jewelry based mainly around animals . 

click on images for web


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