Kitsch Rockabilly Handmade Whismicals by Betty Swallows…

Just like the chant in West Side Story; “round and round she goes, where she’ll end up, nobody knows” Betty Swallows is very much an enigma, wrapped in a conundrum. Very little of her origins can be traced on google, we don’t even know if that’s her real name, or whether it conceals a birth certificate tragedy. We don’t know where she lives, how old she is and whether her eyes are blond or blue ,what we do know is….

she lovingly creates by hand some amazing bespoke kitschy retro rockabilly jewellery, fit for any uptown lass. she seems to have mastered using a collarge of materials in her designs ranging from bright metallic shiny laser cut acrylics to reveling dart flights!! 

you can check her shop out here at where everything is $17 U.S.D and under!!!

my top picks are the Anchor and Swallow necklace the amazing Retro Roller Boot chain, the blue flower hair band and you’ve got to love the cheeky Dark Flight earrings ooolala and not forgetting the gold mirrored Unicorn


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