Andrew James Jones

Leeds was the first place I met Andrew Jones Jones through a freind of mine at uni , who is now  “Mucky Sailor”, an amazing Electronic 2 piece from Leeds, Andrew has since worked on gig posters and album artworks with them…. but we will hear about them later…
…Wild, Grotesque, Sexual, Funny, Evil, Enticing are just a few words that spring to my mind whilst viewing Jones’ work. When i first met  Jones he was working on a small Fanzine call “Lead”, a play on the word and city Leeds from what i can remember. the work has come leaps and bounds since then. These amazing paintings and drawings really draw you in with there detailed facial expressions and quite off the wall and disturbing subject matter, but there is an unforced beauty about each one which will keep you returning to have a look time and time again. the images are created using ink, paint and photocopys of sometimes rude human parts which are manipulated and collarged to create the features within Jones’ unique creatures he draws, sometimes with funny story’s about the subject in question written in ink as if by a small boy.  There a body part of many of andrews friends hidden within his diverse work ranging from book art to Installation.

Jones has shown Europe including Paris and Berlin and all over London (where he is based) and the UK. I picked up one of his drawings in an exhibition in Leeds years ago for a mire £150 which with out a doubt was a great investment, i now have a small collection of his work including his first published book titled “How Long Have I Been Dead“. Jones’ is one to invest in if you can, however if you cant quite afford that then get at this book called “Pen to Paper” where he is featured along with other fine artists.

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