my favorite song just over the last few weeks has been one by the national a, prolific outfit from the states ,who are ones not to be missed and are no doubt ones to see live in a small venue ?_^^^ if you can …

the song is called “apartment story” ,, which was unknown to me before now ,, the name of the track that is ,, but having just moved to a new Apartment the song feels quite fitting and will know doubt have a remembrance for this point in time, like most music does ,, but it seems only the best romantic music and successful will fit into changes in time and great memories within ones life,, and these are the best moments that are revisited through music ,,, which is forever endless and we will all and shall by LAW bow down to this beautiful creation , that is the fusion of sounds to create such amazing sounds,,, anyway enough for this on right now ,,, check out the national ,, and also another romantic for me is the postal service””” ,, im not up for linking tonight so find it for yourself yeah????


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