Random Collecting…

These are my collections I have collected so far in life.

Fruit Sticker Collection.

This is the one I’m most proud of. It lives in a cupboard and has come along way in a 18 months. There are mainly pink lady apples, they are not my favourite but pretty much the only apple Aldi sell, but on the occasion you may find 2 stickers on 1 apple – a collectors dream. Bananas are a bit of a s*** coz you only get 1 sticker on each bunch .

Thread Spool Collection.

I think I have just collected these due to the fact the thread costs about £4.00 for 100 Metres so it would seem a shame to throw them out, not sure where this is going really but its 37 strong now and that would actually cost alot, its probably my most expensive collection.

Jam Jar Collection.

Not sure how this has happened, but I now have a collection of 4 posh jam jars. Having just added the 3rd blackcurrant to it, I realized that some of them are actually turning into mold farms. This jam is pretty fit though, it turns toast into cake.

The Wooden Spoon Collection.

This is my most serious collection and my least favorite. The collection is not even kept together anymore just floating all over. The spoons have been collected in around 7 years from different countries, I can only remember Japan, Latvia and maybe France.  A friend gave me the one with the animal on it, from Kenya so I don’t have to go there which is great. Wooden spoon collection FAIL.


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