Vintage Sewing Memorabilia

Amazing vintage sewing nick knacks. Clockwise from top left:

1/ Beautiful steel tin of dress making pins by D.F. Taylor and Co Ltd with floral print around the top and edges of the tin.

2/ This is my fav me thinks. “Quies” Paris ear plug plastic box, now used as a pin box, with Egyptian hieroglyphics design.

3/ “The new Surmanco hot forged shear, made from Sheffield steel”, Pinking shears – original shears still in box!

4/ Amazing sewing users guide, “Prevent. Frustration. Save. Temper. Trouble. Money.” This came with a “New Home” sewing machine I have been passed down to which is also in immaculate condition and was made close by in Stockport. These original cast metal domestic machines tend to be the best really as they will last forever as they were all built before plastic was invented so the built quality is second to none.

Anyway that’s your lot for now.



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