Stationery Corner

From left to right:
Moc bone letter opener 5,50 €
HB pencil leads 3,80 €
Caran d´Ache neon green mechanical metal pencil 14,80 €
Split rings 1,30 € each.

All available from an amazing stationery shop called R.S.V.P. in Berlin’s Mitte district.
I would describe the shop as a “stationery boutique” with it’s beautiful minimal wooden display shelves and acute attention to detail in the placement of each and every item on sale. Some real gems to be found here from handmade screen printed cards to hard to find notebooks and journals and lux limited edition Caran d’ Ache pens & pencils.
A real pleasure to shop here, I never knew stationery could look so good! I went straight for the neon mechanical pencil and moc bone letter opener.

If you can’t quite make it to Berlin then click on the above image and this will direct you to their online shop – which may not deliver quite the same experience as being there in person, but stocks all the same wonderful stationery

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