Project Past


Stunning vintage Noris 8 synchromer 8mm home movie projector, manufactured by the German factory Plank KG, cir 1954.
Runs great for being nearly 60 years old. I have a few home movies which can be a bit random, but totally take you back in time. I am currently trying to source one from Manchester city centre, however any footage for cities is increasingly hard to get your hands on.

Noris 8 projector

Close up of film feed and film speed light. The whole thing is made from a beautiful silver grey mottled cast steel with red detailing. I also have the original green hounds-tooth carry box which is in immaculate condition considering it’s age.

Projector Bulbs

Above is some of the packaging for the film reels and the large bulbs used to project the film.

noris 4

 Man with shades and camera on holiday, screen shots taken from an English amateur home holiday movie cir 50’s – 60’s.

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