Alex Hanna

· Rad 10 – Oil on linen – 106cm x 101cm.
· Radiator 6 – Oil on canvas – 90cm x 100cm.
· Radiator 8 – Oil on canvas – 40cm x 40cm.
· Radiator 7 – Oil on canvas – 90cm x 100cm.
All artwork and images by Alex Hanna



Kirstie van Noort (1986) sees design as a way to communicate a certain process or the story behind a material. When she is intrigued by one of these a study starts by making detailed test and experiments. The outcome of the research could form the foundation of the concept behind a final product or result in the research itself.

Magali Reus

 Parking Jogs – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, clear PVC, cotton, Airtex.  – 2013
Parking Spine – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, powder coated copper, powder coated aluminum, rubber stop-end – 2013
 Parking Slip – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, clear PVC, cotton, powder coated aluminum, rubber stop-end, Men’s Health magazine cover, Car magazine cover – 2013
Sculptures part of “Highly Liquid” an installation by artist Magali Reus
shown at Fons Welters gallerie Amsterdam in 2013.
 Magali Reus – Born 1981, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Lives and works in London and Amsterdam.

Time Machine

time machine 1 a

 time machine iron 3

time machine van 1

time machine helicopter 1

War Games – 2010
Full Steam Ahead – 2012 – 14
http://www.fatimashop – 2002 (detail)
Lilicoptere – 2012
Sculptures from Time Machine – a new exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery by Joana Vasconcelos.
The exhibition runs until 1-6-14 and is set over the four floors of the entire gallery amongst the permanent collection, including two external works.
Apart from the 2nd floor gallery which costs £7.50 and worth every penny the rest is free!
There is also a newly commissioned work called Britannia which is a site specific installation which takes up the whole glass atrium in the very heart of the gallery.

Grid Reference

Sam Irons - 35º01'39.89

Sam Irons - 35º01'39.89

Sam Irons - 35º01'39.89

Photograph’s from a collection called “Grid Reference” by British artist Sam Irons.
The title of each work is the grid reference of where it was shot.
– Top to bottom –
• 35º01’39.89″N 106º57’14.63″W, 2009, Archival C-Type Print, 98cm x 98cm
• 35º41’21.45″N 139º43’23.52″E, 2010, Archival C-Type Print, 98cm x 98cm
• 26º39’01.66″S 15º09’09.82″E, 2011, Archival C-Type Print, 98cm x 98cm