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Magali Reus

• Parking Jogs – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, clear PVC, cotton, Airtex.  – 2013 •

• Parking Spine – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, powder coated copper, powder coated aluminum, rubber stop-end – 2013 •

• Parking Slip – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, clear PVC, cotton, powder coated aluminum, rubber stop-end, Men’s Health magazine cover, Car magazine cover – 2013 •



• Sculptures part of “Highly Liquid” an installation by artist Magali Reus

shown at Fons Welters gallerie Amsterdam in 2013.

• Magali Reus – Born 1981, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Lives and works in London and Amsterdam.