Live & Loud

gig x 4

– Four Gigs –
1/ Moon Duo @ Liverpool Psych Festival • 27-28/09/13
2/ Sauna Youth @ Liverpool Psych Festival • 27-28/09/13
3/ Mucky Sailor @ A Carefully Planned Festival – Night & Day – Manchester • 20/10/13
4/ Metz @ The Deaf Institute – Manchester • 22/11/13

Mucky Sailor

mucky sailor

mucky sailor

• Mucky Sailor’s limited debut 12″ vinyl LP “Early Lad
• Mucky Sailor limited 7″ single “Horse / Hello Troubled I’m Pignoramous”
• Drawing plan for the building of the “Mucky Sailor Ships Wheel Synth”
• Digital plan for the building of the “Mucky Sailor Ships Wheel Synth”
• Video of the Mucky sailor Ships Wheel Synth in action.
Mucky Sailor are Steven Nuttall – all drums, anguished cries & chanting. Augustin Bousfield – Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Roland Space Echo, OSCar Synth & Ships Wheel Synth. The band from Leeds in Yorkshire England, formed around six years ago.
A band well worth seeing live – their next show is in Dalston, London here.

Disco Minerva

maria minerva


 Maria Minerva aka Maria Juur, is an underground musician currently based in Brooklyn New York.
A 23-year-old from Tallinn, Estonia signed to hip LA-based leftfield imprint Not Not Fun. She does disco – only this is murky disco, full of reverb and delay, disco from a distant decade, decayed, dismayed, frayed. Studied Goldsmiths, University of London, MA Aural & Visual Cultures, with merit.
Latest record – LA vampires with Maria Minerva- “The Intergration LP”, 2012 Not Not Fun US.
• Photographs taken using an Iphone 4 camera at Kraak Gallery 6th February 2013 Manchester •