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 Maria Minerva aka Maria Juur, is an underground musician currently based in Brooklyn New York.

A 23-year-old from Tallinn, Estonia signed to hip LA-based leftfield imprint Not Not Fun. She does disco – only this is murky disco, full of reverb and delay, disco from a distant decade, decayed, dismayed, frayed. Studied Goldsmiths, University of London, MA Aural & Visual Cultures, with merit.

Latest record – LA vampires with Maria Minerva- “The Intergration LP”, 2012 Not Not Fun US.

• Photographs taken using an Iphone 4 camera at Kraak Gallery 6th February 2013 Manchester •



House Of Trees

House Of Trees

• January 17 2013 – Matt & Phreds – Tib St – Manchester •

House of Trees is a band lead by Rob Coe and Djamila Skoglund Voss. As a songwriter Rob explores, hunts and gathers perfectly the myriad moods of life: its thoughts, its dreams, its places and its people: all playing a role in his often mythical and fairytale like songs. The intoxicating Singer, and magical woodland lady of the night, Djamila Skoglund-Voss, joins him in the exploration, arrangements and performance of the music. On ‘Painted Gold’ the duo is joined by violinist extraordinaire ‘Helena Sköld’ who acts almost as a second voice.

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Kult country

band 3

band 2



Photographs taken using an Iphone 4 camera at “Psychmare Before Christmas” – a pre Christmas gig at Soup Kitchen Manchester. The bands included Hookworms, a Leeds based 5 piece, Kult Country, a Manchester based 6 piece and Francis Lung.

This gig was getting a massive buzz not just here in the Northern Quarter, not just in Manchester, but nationally and beyond with the likes of NME picking it up as gig of the week. One hell of a way to see you towards Christmas. 4.5/5, Hookworms the highlight, you will see more of this band in 2013 I am sure.



A Saturday & Night In Manchester

Word kids words….

right so first on the day of fun john and I headed for the free illegal picnic organized by G*** , i cannot give their name as it is illegal > for their events you have to phone a premium number an hour before the event starts to find out the location ,, underground baby . the location is the Mancunian way, which is the inner ring road fly over around the city centre near to Hulme. a pretty cool venue gated all around, (which helps stop police vehicles from getting in) and under the fly over which I’m sure helped resonate the sounds far and wide.


we stayed at the illegal picnic til we felt woozy enough to go and get some green stuff off a friend and came across some urban development on the way, 1st is a building abandoned by the recession- I thought it was kinda kool a bit like a multi story car park impossible to drive around- a large concrete sculpture.

next stop roadhouse, a basement venue in Piccadilly, there where some pretty random bands playing there tonight. first up was this hardcore punk band from Manchester called Obsessive Compulsive  which i thought were the best band of the night pretty live with energy which is all good in the hood .

The headliners were william control a crazy gay electro outfit which I wasn’t entirely convinced with but the kids seem to go wild for them, a bit like circus meets band.

Inbetween bands we burritoed it up in piccadilly gardens.

Next on the tour da la Saturday is the castle pub on Oldham street on the way there we found hidden nature taking over behind a wall of posters and a lil bit o street art.

From here there was a photo opportunity outside the world famous Matt and Phreds jazz club, a place you usually end up not for the music but because it open for late drinks the music tends to be the bonus…. the picture is taken with this random guy we met at the castle,, he was a pretty cool cat, being all macho with top off for the photo, make what you will of that one.

From here its a quick trip down oldham st and round the corner to the heart of manchester ‘s trendy northern quarter to a bar called the marble, we stop here for a street beer and a posh ham selection from Spain Poland and Italy … yeah we don’t mess about. this place is really cool, an amazing selection of beers some of which are brewed, by them from their flagship pub just up the road called the marble arch. in my opinion the best pub in the north west, tiled from floor to ceiling and dating back a good many years. the food here is fucking good especially the burgers, which we tend to call space burgers as you feel pretty zonked after one.