Peep Show In Ancoats

Seek and one shall find. Just across the way from my apartment in manchester is Ancoats, which is now apartments built from the old cotton mills and textile factories of the past , i love this area ,the cobbled streets and subtle signs of what  lived before , the meet between modern and old.
there are hidden treasures here. the photo taken is of a peep hole art work within the building them selves on the outer walls, they have a nautical brass look about them on first glance, but truly magical as you would have to know they existed or romantically stumble across them. they art work is by Dan Dubowitz , an urban artist . I particularly enjoy this one as it features 2 sewing machines which both move as if having a lil chat ..
Ancoats is made up of three areas- Ancoats Urban Village, New Islington and the Ashton Canal Corridor.
The area’s proximity to the city centre means it benefits from all the central shops and bars as well as the up and coming Northern Quarter with its rich bohemian atmosphere. Only a ten minute walk from Piccadilly train station and situated directly on the inner ring road, it is perfect for residents commuting out of town as well as those coming to work in Ancoats.
Ancoats Urban Village is known as the world’s first industrial suburb and has one of the largest concentrations of Grade II and Grade II* listed building in Manchester. Many of these mills are currently being restored and turned into modern yet sympathetic apartments and commercial space