Wurfel Turn

Wurfel Turn 6x6

This is the “Wurfel Turn 6×6” an amazing little wooden black and white cube toy that I picked up from the bauhaus archiv in Berlin.
The cube can be made into 3 other shapes, the one to the right is my favorite. The whole thing is held together with a length of elastic running though each wooden block, you can therefore twist and turn it to create the different shapes! This great little toy for both adults and children is by a company called Belidesign, they seem to have other great things on their website but it’s very difficult if not impossible to find stockists for their toys :(. But check out their site anyway… Belidesign.de.

bauhaus archive

Above is the Bauhaus Archive museum which is well worth a visit if your in Berlin, your not mean’t to take photographs in there and I got told off, but did manage to get this Bauhaus kitchen snapped up, pretty amazing design for the 1920’s or so.



Four day trip to Berlin in the areas Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

Street trolleys, Mitte.

Apartment building, Kreuzburg.

Street art, apartment building, Friedrichshain.

Street furniture, Mitte.

Doorway 53, Friedrichshain.
If you like art, fashion, culture and winter days cycling around a city – Berlin’s the place to go.
After you have been around all the amazing boutiques and shops – which will take you a few days, a visit is the Bauhaus Archive is well worth a trip. Hear you will find a great collection from artworks to furniture and architecture. Keep an eye on your wallet when in the shop as you could go a bit mad, I stopped myself at 45€.
The cities largest art gallery, Hamburger Bahnhof , is also worth the trip and the 14€ entrance fee, as they are happy for you to photograph your favourite works!

Carl Andre.
If you go in November be prepered it was -3c when we arrived and it is said to get to -20 in January sometimes! Hiring a bike is a must as it’s the best way to get around and a very cycle safe city, although the underground system is cheap and easy. I will be back in the summer.