Clinic” at Manchester Deaf Institute Saturday 2nd March 2013. Seventh studio album “Free Reign
Clinic are: Ade Blackburn, Jonathan Hartley, Brian Campbell and Carl Turney. They formed in 1997 and are from Liverpool, their debut album “Internal Wrangler” was released in 2000 on Domino Records.


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Mucky Sailor

mucky sailor

mucky sailor

• Mucky Sailor’s limited debut 12″ vinyl LP “Early Lad
• Mucky Sailor limited 7″ single “Horse / Hello Troubled I’m Pignoramous”
• Drawing plan for the building of the “Mucky Sailor Ships Wheel Synth”
• Digital plan for the building of the “Mucky Sailor Ships Wheel Synth”
• Video of the Mucky sailor Ships Wheel Synth in action.
Mucky Sailor are Steven Nuttall – all drums, anguished cries & chanting. Augustin Bousfield – Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Roland Space Echo, OSCar Synth & Ships Wheel Synth. The band from Leeds in Yorkshire England, formed around six years ago.
A band well worth seeing live – their next show is in Dalston, London here.


Kult country

band 3

band 2


Photographs taken using an Iphone 4 camera at “Psychmare Before Christmas” – a pre Christmas gig at Soup Kitchen Manchester. The bands included Hookworms, a Leeds based 5 piece, Kult Country, a Manchester based 6 piece and Francis Lung.
This gig was getting a massive buzz not just here in the Northern Quarter, not just in Manchester, but nationally and beyond with the likes of NME picking it up as gig of the week. One hell of a way to see you towards Christmas. 4.5/5, Hookworms the highlight, you will see more of this band in 2013 I am sure.