Maryanne Moodie – Australian weaver based in New York

Magali Reus

 Parking Jogs – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, clear PVC, cotton, Airtex.  – 2013
Parking Spine – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, powder coated copper, powder coated aluminum, rubber stop-end – 2013
 Parking Slip – Fibreglass, polyester resin, pigments, clear PVC, cotton, powder coated aluminum, rubber stop-end, Men’s Health magazine cover, Car magazine cover – 2013
Sculptures part of “Highly Liquid” an installation by artist Magali Reus
shown at Fons Welters gallerie Amsterdam in 2013.
 Magali Reus – Born 1981, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Lives and works in London and Amsterdam.

Muller Van Severen

muller 1

muller 5

muller 3

muller 6

muller 2

In 2011 visual artists Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen decided to cross the lines of their individual disciplines -photography and sculpture- and embark on a mutual ‘furniture project’.
Together they developed a series of unique design pieces, minimal in form and detailling but maximal in its usability and use of materials.
During the London Design Festival there is an exhibition at Viaduct,
1-10 Summers Street, London, EC1R 5BD.  September 12th-21st 2013