de Lacy X Bionic Seven



I have just began a collaboration with my Manchester stockist Bionic Seven, a boutique in Manchester’s Northern Quarter who sell hand picked vintage menswear. The idea was to create duffel bags from vintage Berghaus and Barbour Jackets.
The blue Berghaus duffel bag I have created is Gore-tex and has outer and internal zip pockets.
The second duffel bag, my favorite is upcycled using a Barbour “Border” waxed jacket. I decided to wash the jacket before taking it apart, I then re-waxed it after the pattern had been cut – it was then ready to be sewn. The Barbour classic check lining has been kept inside the bag and the original labels sewn back inside too. A great holdall which features 4 outer pockets and 2 internal.
Theses duffel bags are now available from Bionic Seven priced at £60 & £70 – Bargain. I may well also produce a luxury version of the Barbour bag for with a leather strap & trim and a brand new Barbour style check liner.

Biker Jacket · Biker Bag

Recently I bought this amazing authentic leather biker jacket, with the idea to create a bespoke biker bag from it as part of my SS13 delacyonline website launch.
I have previously produced bespoke pieces from vintage jackets, this one was particularly hard to pick apart as it was a stunning jacket in perfect worn in condition and fitted me a treat. Unlike the thinner fashion reproductions you may find for sale in shops, the leather is thick and soft and the whole jacket was padded with foam with quilting around the shoulders and elbows!
This is mind I didn’t want to loose the functions within the jacket itself, one of the main functions and features is the classic front zip through. The jacket was carefully deconstructed and laid out for each piece to be considered. By doing this I came to the conclusion that the main zip could be used vertically in the middle of the bag to create a two size bag that could change in size with the main zip running around the body of the bag.

 I kept the front pretty unchanged and by tweaking it and sewing other parts to the sides, mirroring each other, a base square shape was created for the main body of the bag. Buckle straps were recreated and changed slightly as the original ones looked tired and worn, other press studs where added in places to allow for the main zip to take on it’s new function of “bag resizing”.
The main body of the bag is then constructed, I chose one of my favorite Liberty of London linings “Hera”, a peacock feather print Tana cotton which is blue in colour and works great with black leather. The bag has exceeded my expectations and will no doubt be a great centre piece in the delacyonline SS13 collection.

Another four biker bags will be created to sit along side this one for a bespoke biker bag collection which will be available soon at , where you can currently view the new SS13 collection.