Face Collection 2019 is an artist edition of 25 individual leather face stickers. Each unique sticker is handcrafted by Edward de Lacy. Each sticker is signed and numbered by Edward and is presented with a hand signed and numbered card.

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Christmas Gift

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– Christmas gift ideas –
• Veg tan leather bound notebook £12 Lead Or Dead
• Wopex 180 pencil £0.76 Staedtler
• Veg tan leather iPhone 5s case £19 de Lacy Online
• Casio Batteryless watch £45 Bionic Seven
• Vintage John Davis & Son horn ruler £18 Lead Or Dead
• Vintage horn shoe horn £4 antiques fair Manchester
• Veg tan leather pencil case £20 Lead Or Dead
• Black leather key holder  £13 de Lacy Online
• Veg tan leather wallet £29 de Lacy Online
• Victorinox Swiss card  pocket tool £19 Victorinox
• Vintage Belstaff bag £8 Bionic Seven
• Handmade comb £4.10 Kent