Grid Reference

Sam Irons - 35º01'39.89

Sam Irons - 35º01'39.89

Sam Irons - 35º01'39.89

Photograph’s from a collection called “Grid Reference” by British artist Sam Irons.
The title of each work is the grid reference of where it was shot.
– Top to bottom –
• 35º01’39.89″N 106º57’14.63″W, 2009, Archival C-Type Print, 98cm x 98cm
• 35º41’21.45″N 139º43’23.52″E, 2010, Archival C-Type Print, 98cm x 98cm
• 26º39’01.66″S 15º09’09.82″E, 2011, Archival C-Type Print, 98cm x 98cm


 Skull & road sign • Cemetery statue

Graffiti on shutter • Phone booth

Junk shop • Cemetery shrine

Derelict house • Flag and doorway

Graffiti in doorway • Graffiti cover up on wall

Print shop
All photographs taken July 2013 in Kefalonia, Greece, using an Iphone 4 camera and edited in photoshop.



Subway – Dalton St, Manchester M40.


Steps – Sand St, Manchester M40.


Subway steps – Dalton St, Manchester M40.


Pallets – Baring St, Manchester M1.


Skip through crates – Irk Valley wastelands, Manchester M40.


Wall & tags – Bendix St, Manchester M4.


Disused office block – Dantzic St, Manchester M40.
 • All photographs taken by Edward de Lacy from 2011 -2012 • 



Large green safe, burn’t out warehouse, Manchester.
‘Filthy Huns! Breeding like rats in California and spreading east. Listen for the roar or the Harleys. You will hear it in the distance like thunder. And then, wafting in on the breeze, will come the scent of dried blood, semen and human grease… the noise will grow louder and then they will appear, on the horizon, eyes bugged and bloodshot, foam on their lips, chewing in some rooty essence smuggled in from a foreign jungle… they will ravish your women, loot your liquor stores and humiliate your mayor on a beach on the village square’ 

– Hells Angels, Hunter S Thompson.